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​Our Manufacturing Capabilities

We are a world-class supplier of high-quality gray and ductile iron castings to industries throughout North America and beyond. Proudly made in the USA in Lewiston, Maine.

We pour both ductile and gray iron castings in all grades and classes to ASTM specifications. Castings range from ounces to over 1000 lbs.

Our capabilities include pattern and corebox making, molding, melting, finishing, heat treating and 3D printing. We partner with local companies for X-Rays, mechanical testing, painting and machining.

Some of our customers include manufacturers of industrial pumps, machine tools, plastic making equipment, printing and paper making machinery, turbines, glass making equipment, compressors and gear supplies, and many more.

Our Processes


Our in-house pattern shop can produce patterns from wood and epoxy or by 3D printing to exact customer specifications. We can also alter and refurbish existing pattern equipment supplied to us by customers.



Core capabilities include oil sand, no-bake and shell core processes.


Molding capabilities include squeezer, Rotalift, side floor and crane floor molding stations. Molds are made using either green or no-bake sand.


Daily melting capacity of 8 tons per shift provided by 3 – 4000lb coreless induction furnaces powered by state of the art Inductotherm 600kW variable frequency power supplies.


Castings are initially cleaned
utilizing shot blast and then are
fully finished by plasma
cutting, grinding and other
various standard foundry


Heat Treating

The annealing or stress relieving of castings is done in our four in-house furnaces. We also use outside partners to cover a broader range of heat treating services.

Additional Services

X-Rays, 3D Printing, Painting, ​Machining